Police officers escort Tatsuya Ichihashi upon his arrival at Tokyo station November 10, 2009. Japanese police have arrested in Osaka the man they believe murdered British teacher Lindsay Hawker.


Tomomi Inada of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) greets supporters during a campaign event for the candidate Mihara Junko in Kanagawa on July 6, 2016, Japan. July 06, 2016


Flowers are offered as tribute to victims attacks in Paris outside the French Embassy on November 16, 2015, in Tokyo, Japan.


A girl is surrounded by trash at the dump nicknamed Smokey Mountain in Manila, Philippines 2008 June 18.


Father Bill Hawker (C-L) delivers a statement family of murdered British woman Lindsay Hawker in Chiba city, Chiba prefecture, Japan, 21 July 2011. Tatsuya Ichihashi was sentenced to life imprisonment at a district court for raping and murdering British woman Lindsay Hawker in 2007.


Campaigners for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) hold signs reading, 'Armani: Animals Suffer For Fur' in front of the Gioorgio Armani store in the Ginza shopping district of Tokyo, Japan 15 November 2011.


A cosplayer makes up during the Dream Party show in Tokyo, 5 May 2013.


Members of the Edo Firemanship Preservation Association display their balancing skills atop bamboo ladders during a New Year demonstration by the fire brigade in Tokyo January 6, 2010.


Dalai Lama speaks to the press during a press conference held at the Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan in Tokyo, Japan, 03 November 2008.


Investigators examine a commuter subway car after it derailed and was hit by another train during rush hour in Tokyo March 8, 2000 killing at least two passengers and injuring about 40 others.


Police arrest a anti-nuclear protester outside in Tokyo, March 14, 2015.


Protesters holding placards shouts slogans as they gather at a rally against Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's push to expand Japan's military role while police officers stand guard in front of Abe's official residence in Tokyo June 30, 2014.


French actress and cast member Audrey Tautou poses for photographers at the Japan Premiere red carpet event of her latest movie 'Coco avant Chanel' in Tokyo, Japan, 07 September 2009.


Fast Retailing President Tadashi Yanai is commended for 22nd JAPAN BEST DRESSED EYES AWARDS PRESENTATION in Tokyo on December 14, 2009.


People holding placards take part in front of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's official residence in Tokyo, February 1, 2015. A Japanese freelance journalist has become the latest person to be executed by ISIS. The terror group released a video of Kenji Goto, 48, being beheaded on January 31.


Fireman carries the man who burnt in Tokyo, Japan, 01 September 2014. The fire, the fifth-deadliest in post-war Japanese history claimed 44 lives and burned for five hours before being extinguished.


A group of around 300 Myanmar residents of Japan demonstrate in Tokyo on Nov. 7, 2011, against a general election to be held in junta-ruled Myanmar in November.


French actress Isabelle Huppert attended the French Film Festival 2016 in Tokyo, Japan, June 24, 2016.


Dressed in traditional Japanese fire fighting uniform, a member of the Edo (Tokyo) Firemanship Preservation Association performs on a bamboo ladder during New Year's celebration event in Tokyo on January 4, 2016.


Takara Tomy's figures of Storm Troopers from "Star Wars" are seen at the International Tokyo Toy Show 2016 in Tokyo, Japan June 10, 2016


Flowers are placed in memory of a slain Ryota Uemura 13-year-old boy in Kawasaki, south of Tokyo, February 26, 2015. A friend said Ryota Uemura had revealed that he had been abused by a group.


Police officers inspect a tour bus which crashed into a center divider and a traffic light pole on a road in central Tokyo on Jan. 20, 2016, injuring 24 passengers.


Japanese college students shout and raise their fists at a job-hunting rally in Tokyo Feb 10, 2010.


Noriko Sakai, a 38-year-old former pop idol indicted for stimulant possession and use, sheds tears during a press conference in Tokyo after being released on bail Sept. 17, 2009, following her arrest on Aug. 8.


A rescue worker carry out a body role-playing a wounded person with bandage on scenarios of a major earthquake hitting Tokyo June 30, 2010.


Ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy smiles broadly during a meeting at the Foreign Ministry in Tokyo April 8, 2016.


A worker walks beside newly produced cars at Keihin industrial zone in Kawasaki, south of Tokyo May 16, 2016.


A woman tries the Magic White teeth whitening treatment system at Beautyworld Japan 2016 in Tokyo, Japan, 18 May 2016.


Tokyo Governor Yoichi Masuzoe attends a press conference at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government in Tokyo on Friday, May 27, 2016.


MORI Tsuyoshi of father who catches the chest of the staff of LDP, and protests official recognition of Watanabe in Tokyo June 28 2013. The case was filed by the bereaved parents of MORI Mina, who committed suicide from overwork only two monthsafter joining the Japanese pub chain Watami Co. Each of the parents made the opening statement and accused of Watami for awful working conditions.